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2022 Messages

Friday August 15th, 2022

School of Fish was a great band and Josh was a great talent. I had both SOF releases and enjoyed them immensely. Was jus enjoying Human Cannonball yesterday which rocks tremendously. I decided to dig a bit deeper. I never knew Josh's full story until today. He did great things and was sure to do many more. I am glad he is remembered and celebrated here.

Wednesday August 13th, 2022

I just stumbled onto the website and I really wish I had found it sooner. Great to see so much info about Josh and his music. I’ve gone through several physical copies of School of Fish over the years, it’s one of those rare albums that never get old no matter how many times you listen to it. Definitely the one album I’d take to a deserted island. Thank you for maintaining this website over the years.

Sunday July 3rd, 2022

I miss you, Josh. Was listening to several of your albums today.

Jon Eric Escobedo
Tuesday June 28th, 2022

I was too young to discover School of Fish when their album originally came out, but through the magic of the internet, discovered that great riff on 3 Strange Days at the tender age of 36.

Read up on Josh's story thanks to this website. It makes me sad, but also thankful that we have the music. Something about this song and this website that brings me warm nostalgic fuzzies in the best way possible.

Thanks for sharing your gift with us. -JE

Friday April 22nd, 2022

I miss you, Josh

Emilio Recio
Sunday April 3rd, 2022

Never met you, come back to this site from time to time while listening to your music. Peace and Love!

Harris Morrison
Thursday March 31st, 2022

I met Josh only once--at a show at Rockafella's in Columbia SC, touring behind the debut album. (He mistook me for a Boston friend)

Its random and mysterious that today I would be crying over his loss. He was a precious soul; his music and spirit remain strong.

Thank you Josh. You still kick ass!

Harris in sc

Jered Gaspard
Thursday January 13th, 2022

I had a random memory pop into my head of a concert I went to in 1996 or maybe 1997 here in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I'd been a Tori Amos fan for a couple of years and she was playing here, so I bought tickets and went with my then-girlfriend. Josh was the opening act. Funky, fun, soulful solo electric guitar, and he did this thing where when he'd play a solo, he'd jump to another spot on the stage, sort of pretending that he was now the lead guitar player, then after the solo he'd jump back to his original spot and resume the rhythm guitar/singer role.

I know it was just a stage gimmick but I'd never seen it before, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I'm sorry now that I didn't spend more time with his music, and that I didn't see more of him before his passing.

We should have had more years with him than we got, but I'm glad the ones we got were as good as they were.

Dene Wilby
Monday May 18th, 2020

Hey Josh,

Hope you like the new site. Sorry it took so long but hey, I needed to make it nice 'n spicy.

Dene x