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Michael O'Brien
Sunday June 28th, 2021

I may be the world's biggest Josh Clayon/ Josh Clayton-Felt / School Of Fish / Michael Ward fan of all-time. I am currently making Hip-Hop music that samples Josh? It is coming along well. Does anyone wanna hear it?

Michael Halpin
Wednesday April 14th, 2021

I stumbled across Spirit Touches Ground around a year ago. This album is absolutely beautiful, and I hope that your family finds comfort in knowing that your art continues to touch people. Thanks for the art!- Mike Halpin

Brandon Guiles
Friday April 9th, 2021

I thought I left a message years ago. How much has changed since then for me. Your music Josh was there still with me, I was born in 1992. You'll never be forgotten. Thank you, where ever you are for your art.

Jim Young
Tuesday February 2nd, 2021

Working late on the computer. Need music to push through. I put on the first School of Fish record and it sounds as perfect as it did when I discovered it in 1991. By the time Euphoria ends I'm compelled to find Josh on the internet and put it out to the universe that I'm grateful for all the beautiful music he gave us in too short a period of time.
You are missed, Josh.

Laura Clayton Baker
Tuesday January 19th, 2021

21 years since you left this earth Josh....I miss you so much, miss times together and sharing thoughts and every day connections that would have happened if you were still here...it would be so much better if you were! But I do carry you inside. I love you. Laura

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